Our expansive range of services caters to preparing the walls, coating, painting and decorating the interior and exterior of your space.

In the last 16 years, our projects for universities, schools, libraries, retail spaces, shopping complexes, government buildings, banks, corporate buildings and more has helped us create a huge base of clients in Ennis, Shannon, Galway and other counties in Ireland. It also helped us understand the different requirements and preferences in commercial spaces. Whether you want to get a block of your office flats painted or an entire shopping complex remodeled, we are equipped with the latest technologies in the painting and decorating industry.

As experienced professionals, we offer free colour consultation to our clients and guide them on how they can transform their business the way they have envisioned it. This is based on the pre-existing décor, your own sense of interior or exterior styling, the brand ethos and the purpose the space is meant for. We work around that and deliver you the best possible results for both wallpaper installation and commercial painting and decorating.

Established in 2007, we specialize in providing personalized painting services for interior or exterior painting for your home where we work in sync with your ideas every step of the way, employ a team of qualified professionals with an eye for detail who deliver the project as per your scope, schedule and specifications and clean up at the end of each day so that you are still able to access your home on a daily basis. We are pleased to travel the extra mile with wallpaper installation, surface preparations, cabinet painting, staining and varnishing, trim and baseboard painting and specialty finishes so that you get nothing but the best.
Insured and safety compliant, our colour consultants gauge the color combinations and the coating choices you want whether you want a soothing environ or a glamorous touch. Backed by about 16 years of experience, we work with modern innovative ideas but tailor it to suit your needs, preferences and interior or exterior design styles. However large or small the project is, we execute it to perfection!
Paint Removal

Every project being different, it requires us to use different techniques and varied design strategies. Paint scraping or stripping is a part of the prep work that needs to be done to get rid of any loose paint, worn off yet unsightly layers of paint, dirt or mold so that the beautiful wall surfaces of your workplace are renewed, adding more years to this new paint job, and a touch of finesse and beauty to the space.

Our highly experienced and trusted painters and decorators prepare the surfaces with paint removal so that these surfaces are ready to be freshly painted as the original look and details of the wall, ceiling or cabinet comes through.

If you’re planning on installing new wallpaper or freshly painting the walls, corners or ceilings of your workspace, the most vital work before the paint roller touches the surface is scrapping out the old wallpapers so that the original splendor of walls, baseboards, bookshelves and more can be revealed. Before hanging fresh wallpapers, we sand and file the walls and measure the exact number of rolls needed for the application so that uneven walls or other such roadblocks do not get in the way.
Our experienced painters and decorators consistently deliver the best of services while catering to your needs and preferences.
Cabinet Painting
We guarantee a high-quality finish when painting your cabinets.This includes filling in holes, bruises, removing cabinet doors, degreasing surface, priming, choosing suitable colours and finish, covering work desks, chairs, kitchen slabs and cooktops among other things to prepare your office, study or kitchen cabinets for hand painting. Our professional painters and decorators help you to choose from a wide gamut of cabinet paints in durable and stylish matte, gloss, satin or metallic finish, based on the décor of the rest of the space and your own sense of style — giving a refreshed and renewed feel to your old space.
We also prepare and work on any damaged cabinet areas before re-painting or filling the space. If the cabinets are wall-mounted, we remove them from the wall before starting off with the hand painting process and ensuring that the natural wood detailing is maintained. The best part, however, is that cabinet painting comes at half the price of reinstalling new cabinets.
Exterior Painting
Whether you want only one block of your office premises painted or a remodeled look for your home exteriors, our competitively priced and duly strategized painting techniques cater to the repair, maintenance and finish of the exteriors of your building. We assess and analyze the scope of the exterior area that needs to be painted; plan a schedule and prepare the area by sanding any rough patches or uneven walls and filling cracks, arranging ladders and removing old, worn out paints carefully and thoroughly. At the end, we paint the exterior surfaces to your liking and clean the premises at the end of the day so that your home or office remains accessible and usable every day.
Ceiling & Wall Painting
Before starting off with our ceiling and wall painting services, we look at all the cracks and blemishes and repair them with fillers, followed by sanding surfaces. Ceilings are often the first to show dampening and signs of damage, stains, wear and tear, discolouration and dullness. Without a perfectly colour-coordinated and bright ceiling, even a new paint job will look drab and get wasted. A coat of shellac is required if you want to remove strong dicolouration issues that have happened over the years.
We also assist and advise you on ceiling-wall colour combinations and how different ceiling colours can create the illusion of height and depth in the room. Our value for money deals and expert services can be your best bet if you are looking at a home or business space transformation.
Mural Painting
As experienced painters and decorators in Clare, Ireland, we are equipped to customize different mural art requests, depending on the purpose of the room, size of the space, the existing décor and colour schemes in the room we paint. Painted directly on the wall or on ceiling depending on your preference, these murals create a unique environ for the space and lend the room some theme and character.
Whether you opt for a mural painting at home or office, this form of art can create engaging feature walls – a focal point for your space that reflects your unique personality.
Trim & Baseboard Painting
Trimming accentuates the look of your floors and the overall room. It adds a certain class, elegance and finesse to your space, styling it in a way to complement the colours and look of the rest of the space, whether you opt for wood trimming on the sides of your windows and doors or a crown moulding on your baseboards. Baseboard painting and crown moulding is also a subtle way to add some noticeable changes to your space while diverting all the attention towards the colours, styles and themes around the room.
A little coat of paint on trims can fix all the discolourations, breakage in designs or any unevenness in the surface. From window trims and door frames to tricky baseboards and crown moulding, we are equipped to handle it all, just so you can have a consistent, enriching coverage and an impeccable finish throughout your space.
Staining & Varnishing
The wooden furnitures at your home or business need to be protected against spills and wear and tear and this can happen only when with a due coat of stain and varnish. Some generous staining, varnishing and lacquering can improve stain resistance and longevity, while enhancing the natural beauty, warmth and charm of the wood grain with a custom finish that also maintains the look of the furniture for years to come.
We have worked on several varnishing, staining and lacquering projects using low VOC products over the past 16 years. From indoor cabinets, wooden floors, coffee tables to outdoor decks, timber, patios, coffee lounges and other wood furnishings, we have brought a new lease of life to old and worn out wood pieces, while helping our clients in choosing the apt finish to add the right touch of sheen and a new custom-curated look that complements the rest of the décor.
Color Matching
Each property is unique with different methods needed for surface preparation – sometimes there is a need for caulking or paint removal while at other times cracks and blemishes need to be filled. Even the number of coatings is different in each property. The colour scheme, décor and individual sense of style is also specific in each case. Our colour consultants keep all these factors in mind when helping you collate and select a colour scheme with our colour swatches and provide expert advice on choosing the right shades, tones, base colours, top hues and more.
We help you discover and select colour combinations that will perfectly complement your décor and bring out its real charm and in the case of exterior painting, are weather clad and match with the unique landscapes of Ireland, so much so that you love living or working in the space finally created.
Wallpaper Installation
Are you looking at a fresh and contemporary wall styling with beautiful and unique wallpapers? We have a plethora of trendy, budget and luxury wallpaper options and can guide you through different material varieties from fabric-based, digitally-printed, hand-printed, fiberglass, flock, foil, embossed, paper-backed, liner, moiré, bamboo and vinyl among others that will suit your space. We are backed by skilled and trained professional wallpaper installers who are precise and patient with their work and have the latest resources at our disposal. This enables us to provide efficient wallpaper hanging services from lining, wallcovering to prepping the wall with old wallpaper removal, sanding, smoothening out indentations, measuring number of rolls and filling facilities. We tailor our wallpaper installation services depending on the size of the wall, the space it is meant for and the design/pattern/material you choose.
This process prevents your building against any potential hazards like molds and mildews and structural damages, by sealing joints and seams so that there is no leakage, dampening or damaging and your precious interiors remain leak-proof and beautiful for longer. Our caulking and replacing caulking services are a part of prepping up your homes and businesses for residential or commercial painting and decorating. Caulking is also done to fill in any gaps on baseboards and mouldings to deter any moisture or pests to infiltrate your space!
Our qualified team of expert painters and decorators are widely experienced in caulking patios and exteriors and the peripheries of windows, doors, kitchens, bath fixtures, backsplashes, pipes, vents as well as the interiors of your home and business. The tools and equipment we use helps us to access any and all spaces safely and deliver quality workmanship, timely completion and cost-effective caulking and sealant services, customizing them as per your needs to repeal any property damage that has happened due to exposure to the natural elements.
Plaster & Drywall
Plaster & Drywall
We have a comprehensive range of plastering services rendered by our experienced team of plasterers who are reliable, efficient and skilled. From pebble dashing, coving, skimming work, drylining , plaster repairs, shop plastering, applying PVA solution to screeding, creating extensions, lime plastering and more, we are quality plasterers across Clare known for our timely completion and high work standards for both interior and exterior plastering services. We guarantee a clean and precise professional plaster application on drywalls, and fill cracks and dents on walls with plaster repair techniques. Our expert plasterers add new life to your space with replastering and also plaster ceilings for both residential and commercial properties in Clare.
Priming is an essential part of the preparation work especially when painting bare wood surfaces so as to seal the pores for better paint job durability and concealing stains or other damage after painting. Sometimes drywalls can also be sealed with bonding primers. We use high-grade oil-based, latex, wood, masonry, stain-blocking and shellac primers apart from multi-purpose and paint and primer in one product to prep up walls for the final paint coat by improving paint adhesion and bringing out the true paint colour.
A rough surface like drywall, metal, concrete and wood when primed is better protected against peeling, cracking and stripping away. Good priming not only hides imperfections, it also helps reduce the number of coats required and can be tinted to match the paint colour as well. Our tradesmen scrape and sand the surfaces before applying primer so there is no residue on the surface and the painting is as uniform and smooth as it can be.
To help the transition smoothen between prepping the surface and painting it, a sealer is a must-do. It also helps cover stains, knots and mildew on the walls better and has bonding agents that enable the paint to stay longer and fresher. Sealing also makes porous walls water-resistant and protects against flaking off, evening out the surface for a smooth finish. We work with both oil-based and resin-based sealers and use them on bare woods, plastered and drywall surface, metal and masonry surfaces.
Speciality Finishes
We are equipped with the latest tools, trends and resources to provide custom finish to your walls and add some character to your space. A professional painting and decorating project sometimes needs a decorative finish to create a unique statement. With our commercial and residential painting and decorating services, we help your space achieve an impressionable look with specialty finishes by applying the right number of coats using the apt techniques. We have the knowledge and the expertise to use these techniques in a way that ensures a durable and low maintenance finish. Whether it’s a luxurious metallic finish, glazing on cabinets, drywall texturing, faux finishes with venetian plastering, using sealers on concrete surfaces or bare woods, applying a layer of epoxy coat on wooden or concrete floors or on outdoor decks and fences, we can gauge the area that needs a specialty finish and make all the difference to your space with a unique style application and a wide gamut of colour and texture options in our specialty finish services.
Pressure Washing
This is a full-proof technique for complete and thorough cleaning of driveways, patios or exteriors of your home or business premises. With a heavy stream of concentrated water, we completely clean your property off any dirt, mould, settled dust, cobwebs, nests, stains, grease, mud, molds, moss and mildew among others. This is a mandatory method for property maintenance before we start off with the painting to make your space look spic and span, protecting it from any further damages due to wear and tear. A fast and effective method to get rid of dust, grime and build-up especially in old houses and workplaces, pressure washing caters to cleaning of multiple areas in your property from sidewalks, fences, porches, building exteriors, garage, pools, pool decks, roofs and more.