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How to do Interior & Exterior Painting of Your Home?

Before performing the exterior painting of your home, the pressure washing of the walls is of utmost necessity. High-pressure water spray removes any grime, dust, loose paint, or mold from the surface before we paint the base coat. The high-pressure water supply at Painting Contractor Limerick helps to uniformly clean the wall surface at a good pace. Backed by years of experience and knowledge of the upcoming trends and latest technologies in the painting industry, […]

What are the Advantages of using Professional Painters in Limerick?

From taking time in preparing the area to properly using the right equipment for the job, Painting and Decorating Services Limerick ensures that the project is done correctly and efficiently. Professional and committed to the best results all their Projects are tailored to your needs. Best Painter Decorator Limerick Customers expect a “WOW factor” after a painting project has been completed, whether on the interior or the exterior of a property. But, if there are […]

Get Professional Painting & Decorating Limerick Services in Ireland

Backed by years of experience and knowledge of the upcoming trends and latest technologies in the painting industry, we at The Martin Painting offer both Interior & Exterior Painting services to our customers. We are the most reliable and handy as compare to most of the professional painting services in Ireland. We confirm the fact that you might already have some painting & decorating needs. Hire us for all your Professional Painting & Decorating Services […]

A Painting Guide for Your Home From the Pros

If you are thinking about painting your home or your workplace, many things need to be taken into consideration before you start the job. Also if you have not hired an expert who does Professional Painting Clare, then there are chances that you will have to learn a great deal about painting before you start the work. So today in this article, you will be provided with a simple and easy-to-follow the painting guide from the professionals. […]

Checklist Before You Start Transforming Your Space

Does painting seem tedious and time-consuming to you? You are not the first to think so. But painting and decorating your residential or commercial space is the simplest way to breathe new life to your property. It can do wonders and is the one thing that has the ability to set up an ambience, energize, enrich and uplift your mood and the look and feel of the house or corporate building. Different paint colours, textures […]