A Painting Guide for Your Home From the Pros

If you are thinking about painting your home or your workplace, many things need to be taken into consideration before you start the job. Also if you have not hired an expert who does Professional Painting Clare, then there are chances that you will have to learn a great deal about painting before you start the work.

So today in this article, you will be provided with a simple and easy-to-follow the painting guide from the professionals. So without further ado, here’s how to paint your home or office like the professionals.

A. Things you need:

You will need several items that most professionals painting contractors use. You will get these items from toolkit shops and centers, or else you can also order them online.

1. Brushes

The first thing that you will need is three brushes of different sizes. The first one should be wide enough so that the paint does not drip easily.

The second one has to be of medium width so that you can easily paint the corners and edges without spilling the paint on walls and ceiling.

The third brush should be thin because you might need to fill up the gaps around the window sills and doors. It is safer to paint smaller areas using thinner brushes but it is equally time-consuming if someone is painting the walls for the first time. Buy brushes that are angled and that have long handles.

2. Roller Applicators

You might want to get a roller applicator or few roller applicators of various sizes. The reason is that whenever a professional does Commercial Painting & Decorating Clare, they do it with precision. Roller applicators can help you achieve that precision as they help to spread the color so that the walls are colored evenly.

3. Paint Trays 

Paint trays will help you to apply the paint on your roller applicators so that the paint is applied on the walls smoothly.

4. Paint Protection Adhesive

This will help you cover the areas that do not need to be painted, for example, window sills and door corners. The adhesive sticks to the base but does not harm the base when the adhesive is taken out.

5. Sand Paper

You will need sandpaper for scrubbing the surface before applying the paint. Painting on smooth surfaces is easier and it helps the paint sticks well to the surface.

B. Application Instructions

All professional painting contractors avoid painting on a rainy day or an extremely sunny day. If you want to do Commercial Painting & Decorating Clare, then you can paint in parts. It is impossible to paint the house or the workplace on a rainy day even though the painting is done in the interiors.

Damp walls will not let the paint settle down and warm walls dry off the paint too fast. When the paint is applied on warm walls, the heat makes the paint dry and the surface starts looking wrinkly. The painting needs to be done on a mildly sunny day.

C. Preparations before painting

The preparations for Residential Painting & Decorating Limerick are as such:

1. Cleaning the base

The previous paint needs to be scraped off the surface and the surface needs to be repaired. The wall has to be smoothened so that the paint sticks. Scrape off the wallpaper pulling it from downwards to upwards.

Scrub the base with sandpaper to smoothen the base. The parts of the wall that are not to be painted need to be covered with plastic. Cover the floor, windows, remove the furnishings, and cover the ones that cannot be removed, with plastic. Make sure that you switch off the electricity before painting.

2. Apply demo paint

After you have cleaned a surface, choose a surface that is mostly hidden behind furnishing and apply the color on a small section. This is just a trial painting and you can check if the color matches your house or office interior. You can scrape off the paint in a few days if you want to reconsider the color selection.

3. Apply Primer

Applying the primer before painting the wall will hold the paint. The primer will prevent the color from discoloring and will also protect the paint from damp and moss on the walls. The primer application needs to be done two-three days before applying the paint. Most Professional Painting Clare is done only after completing all the preparations.

D. Painting

Once the preparation is done, it is time to get the painting started. Start from the top corner to and move towards the bottom while moving your brush vertically. Make sure that the paint does not drip and in case it does, you will have to spread it evenly all over the wall.

Keep a count upon how many times you are moving the brush on one section and repeat the count in the next section. You will need to give double coating or triple coating depending on how much varnish you added to the color. Be careful that the paint does not touch the ceiling.

It is better to put paint protection on the lines of the ceiling. You have to move the strokes in a flowing manner so that different sections of the wall look alike. The painting part is quite hard and needs practice and various techniques. Thus, you should re-think about hiring a professional for your Residential Painting & Decorating Limerick.

E. After Paint

After you are done with your painting the final step is cleaning. You will need to be careful while taking off the paint protection adhesive tapes. Let in air in the room after it is painted for one of two days, then you can re-furnish it.

These are the things that you need to do to paint the house or workplaces by yourself. However, you must have understood by now that this is a rigorous process and you will need to invest a lot of time and energy in painting the house or workplaces by yourself. You will also need to buy several painting items.

Therefore, if you want to get your house or workplace painted perfectly, you should contact an experienced painting contractor.

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